7 Days Yoga Retreat Himalaya

Now balance your body and mind at the same time through this 7 days yoga retreat in Ranichauri. It is one of the life-changing experiences where you can have magical moments with landscapes of beautiful Ranichauri. In yoga retreat, you are going to gain spiritual elevation as well as mental peace by practicing a lot of meditation every day. You will also learn the basics of meditation in this program and learn how to control your emotions by overcoming the tensions of life. Ranichauri is one of the perfect destinations for a yoga retreat which has the potential to improve both your health as well as happiness.
If you are looking for a perfect place to enjoy your vacation and also practice yoga with highly qualified teachers and mahatmas at the same time, then this program is definitely for you. What can be more relaxing and inspiring than the life of nature which is surrounded by mesmerizing hills and forests? The retreat is located in Ranichauri where the holy river Ganga flows. With a yoga retreat, you can connect your life with happiness easily. Here you will get the chance to step into the yogic life under the supervision of professional masters. Thus, this program will not be only a treat for your body and soul but withal rejuvenate you.
It is one of the best possible ways to spend your vacations in the lap of nature alongside Ganga River, absolutely free from all the stress and tension of your life. The main purpose of organizing such programs is to help you master over your mind, body, relationships as well as clarify your life purpose in order to make you reach the next level of success, vibrancy, and happiness in your life. Thus after this program, you are going to live a more joyous and remarkable life.    

Here are some of the highlights of 7 days yoga retreat:

  • Pranayam class
  • Hatha yoga
  • Excursion (village walk and temple visit)
  • Asthana yoga
  • Healthy and delicious organic food
  • Meditation & mantra chanting
  • Music/ kirtan

The Pahadi House wellness retreat gives you the opportunity to experience firsthand, the traditions and history of the culture that erected yoga. The retreat is special and focused on wellness, providing you a peaceful as well as a relaxing environment. It is a perfect way through which you can focus on self-development and recharge your batteries to 100%. Our retreats provide a daily schedule that gives structure but also leaves enough space for other activities or just to rest, adventure activities as well as local sightseeing. We, at Pahadi House wellness retreat, are here to nurture and support you in your spiritual journey.

Below are some of the benefits of going to the yoga retreat

  • It gives you a unique experience. Since all the retreat is different even if you return to the same place. Whenever you go for a yoga retreat you are going to have a unique experience and help you to grow within yourself. Thus, you also get an amazing opportunity to see beautiful destinations.
  • The main reason behind attending a yoga retreat is to be conscious of the moment you are in which will increase your mindfulness. By going on a yoga retreat, treat yourself to an experience that you truly deserve. It is a kind of vacation which is all about you and where you leave behind all the stress of daily life.
  • When you return from yoga retreat you might have your second booking for your next vacation. This is because you feel so relaxed and refreshed that you want to go again and experience everything once again.  
  • A yoga retreat is going to help you to meditate fully without any distractions. As one of the benefits of yoga is instilling the mind and going to a retreat will help you to focus more deeply. Doing meditation in the morning helps you to carry that calmness throughout the day.
  • Going to a yoga retreat will help you to improve your health. But attending this program you can also learn more about the philosophy of yoga and understand this ancient art.

Therefore, yoga retreat involves the utilization of breathing techniques and meditation which improve your overall well-being.

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